How did all this get started?
     I graduated from high school a year early and therefore never had the opportunity to purchase what would have been my class's senior yearbook.  Twenty five years later while attending a class reunion I felt that I would like to have that 1974 Carl Hayden Yearbook. I quickly found out that finding any yearbooks much less a very specific years was almost an impossible task.

     In my search I discovered that many folks was looking for specific yearbooks.

     I also discovered that archives yearbooks that have celebrities pictures. So now I acquire as many yearbooks as possible. The yearbooks with celebrities go to and rest are offered to classmates of that particular school.

Where do you get these yearbooks?

 Finding yearbooks as you can imagine takes a lot of effort.  I advertise in newspapers. I have a network of bookstores, book dealers, estate liquidators and storage locker buyers who send me yearbooks.  I would like to think that if a yearbook gets lost in Arizona I will end up with it.

Do you know what happened to the book's original owner?

     I am sorry but I do not.

Did you go to our school?

 Nope. I went to Carl Hayden in Phoenix Arizona 1970-1973. Phoenix College 1973-1975 and Arizona State University. 1975-1978 which I received my MBA.

If you do not currently have my yearbook in inventory. Can you put me on a request list so I can be first in line?


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