I really enjoy finding homes for 'lost' yearbooks. This is actually a hobby for me. I have a network of people who acquire yearbooks for me. I acquire yearbooks with famous people for Classmates.com.  So needless to say I buy a lot of yearbooks from all over.

This all started because I never
Purchased the yearbook from my freshmen year. Plus I graduated One year early so I never received the yearbook from what would have been my senior year.  I was told that to get a specific yearbook I would need to offer a fellow classmate approx $150 to $200 to acquire one.

I've been told that new yearbooks
I.e. class of 2001 sell for $85.00 to $125.00

The yearbooks that I have some times are new with no writing but most have the normal writing and signatures. 

Please note some of my customers simply cover the signature pages with blank pages to make the book look brand new.

If you know of any famous in any of these classes please let me know so I can send those books to either Classmates.com.

Classmates.com currently has over 7000 yearbooks. Once they have them they will never be for sale. But a news agency can use Classmates.com 's archives of celebrity pictures for news purposes. 

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